As every bride knows, there are hundreds of styles to choose from when shopping for a wedding dress. Along with those hundreds of styles, there are many colors and fabrics as options. Most brides think they should wear a white dress because they believe it is a symbol of purity and traditional. In fact, white isn’t a symbol of purity at all and wasn’t the traditional color until the Victorian Era.

The Bride wore what?!

In ancient times, brides showed their happiness through color. It was customary to wear bright colors to express their happiness and excitement about their wedding. While in Medieval times, the dress was chosen based on the family cast. The bride’s dress was not a reflection of just her, but her entire family because weddings were more of a business transaction than a heart decision.

Wealthy brides wore rich colors and layered fabrics such as silk, velvet and furs. A new dress was never purchased, the bride wore a dress she already owned.

In 1840 Queen Victoria walked down the aisle to her groom, Prince Albert of Saxe, adorned in a gorgeous white gown. In those times, white symbolized wealth while a blue gown symbolized purity. Queen Victoria began a new trend with the white dress, and the Industrial Revolution made it possible for Brides in any social standing to afford a new white wedding gown. During The Great Depression, women chose to go back to wearing their Sunday best. They felt it was inappropriate to purchase a new gown. After WWII, however, the lavish white wedding gowns became the new tradition. Bright colors were out and creams and ivory became the norm.

When shopping for a wedding dress today, keep in mind your personal style. The color of your gown should be chosen based on what looks best on you. White can look very harsh if you have a darker complexion, while champagnes and ivory are softer on any skin tone. Nowadays, gowns are offered in blush pink, gold and silver for more color options. Choosing your wedding gown will be the most important decision for your entire wedding. Not only does it set the tone of your event, but it is a reflection of who you are and how you want to be remembered. Your Bridal Couture is here to help. We have dresses in all colors and will help you find what is best for your individual look and style.